Quest for Informational Enlightenment

Many years ago, before google, before Internet, there was National Geographic.  It was this publication which set many young children on a path of learning and exploration, some of which never left.

As one of these information hungry children, I grew up to be a part time researcher in order to satiate my lust for learning.  Lately it has turned into a near full-time profession.  During the development of this blog, we managed to coin the phrase ” Quest for informational Enlightenment” to alleviate the lack of personality associated with the term research.

I hope you will join me and my readers on our Quest for Informational Enlightenment, and continue the path of exploration.



3 Responses to “Quest for Informational Enlightenment”

  1. […] Grim’s Guide to Pyrrhonism Once again it is time to play the paradox and be as contradictory as the Mad Hatter.  Though I strive to add ridiculous amounts of personality to these posts, we maintain a certain methodical nature in our Quest for Informational Enlightenment. […]

  2. […] Wiki’s are easily managed and the script is readily available.  Second, most of those on the Quest for Informational Enlightenment are already familiar with the Wiki style.  My third thought however is somewhat undeveloped as I […]

  3. Grim, can you please do an ERK on The Zeitgeist Movement?

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