Grim’s Guide to having a healthy winter

Due to a recent illness, I decided to make a post on staying healthy through the Winter.  If I can manage to follow my own advice on the topic we should be alright 🙂

Depending on where you live, Winter can be a exhaustively frigid experience.  As a resident of the the great white north, I can understand the urge to go into hiding through the long cold Winter months.  For those of you who are not big snow fans, Winter can be a dreary and depressing time of year, which results in lethargic behavior, comfort food cravings and general purpose bitchiness.  However, with a few winter activities, you can beat the cold and have a happy, healthy season.

For most, the initial sign of winter is the loathed seasonal sickness.  Colds, coughing, flu and viruses beyond count.  Begin your season fully loaded and ready for some cold weather action with immune system boosting foods such as fruits, garlic and onions, blueberries and my favorite, chocolate. Yes, chocolate.   I’m not talking dairy rich delicacies from the dollar store. I’m talking about rich dark chocolate, hot cocoa Mexican style and bittersweet chips in your cookies.  Keeping your body full of immune system boosters will help you fight off illness which would otherwise drag you down and ruin all your fun.

Maintaining a positive mindset is essential for making it through a rough Winter.  Don’t let the whether get you down, instead, get down with the whether and take advantage of some great winter activities such as Winterlude festival in Ottawa or any local winter attractions.  Try your hand at skiing, sledding, or even bobsledding.  Try to find as many outdoor activities you enjoy as possible.  If cold and snow aren’t your thing, defy winter with some indoor swimming at your local gym. You would be amazed at how good swimming in a nice warm pool feels as you watch people struggle against the blizzard outside 🙂

During the Winter months, indoor air quality goes down horribly due to reduced air circulation.  There is great merit in keeping your house draft free, but don’t forget to freshen the air daily by opening a window or two for short periods throughout the day.  Another way to stop your air from going stale is to increase the number of live plants in your house.  Be sure to acquire big leafy plants to increase the air purity.  If you are not much of a green thumb, invest in an indoor air purifier and change filters as recommend.

In conclusion, if you wish to stay happy and healthy this Winter, keep busy.  Keep up your vitamin C intake and don’t forget to get some sun.  Here’s to a helaciously happy holiday and a wonderfully warm winter.



~ by grimsguide on December 1, 2008.

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