Grims Guide to storing information and half baked ideas

So, we want to learn.  We find, use and then store information.  Maybe not in that particular order but I think you get the picture.  After careful consideration, I decided that having a database ( horrible word by the way ) would be necessary for a productive and functional blog.  Now I know that most blogs can store previous posts and some even have a search option so you can quickly find what you are looking for.  Unfortunately some don’t and even if they do it lacks some personality.

Though we admire the ease of finding information with databases ( need to find another term for this ) such as wikipedia, the cold methodical nature of such a program kinda diminishes the fun of learning.  We require some flux in our information, a little opinion and slant.  Something to inspire debate and discussion, while being fun to read.  I don’t mind if people hate it just as long as they feel something when they read.  That being said, lets explore some options.

We will start with some cold hard database formats and then personalize the hell out of them.  Thus redefined we shall hither refer to them as the Endless Realms of Knowledge, or ERKs for short.

We need to decide on whether or not a latent ERK for a blog publisher such at WordPress is enough for our purposes, or if we need to find a more user friendly way to recover previously posted material.  My initial thought on the matter, is that it would be better to have my blog separated ( though linked ) from the ERK so that we may utilize that as a guide and use the blog as an entertaining medium for watching me blunder through my research.  Again, my initial thought of the ERK is that it would be Wiki based.  I think this for a few reasons.  First Wiki’s are easily managed and the script is readily available.  Second, most of those on the Quest for Informational Enlightenment are already familiar with the Wiki style.  My third thought however is somewhat undeveloped as I can’t for the life of me figure out how to personalize a Wiki.

That being said, we began our research into different Wiki software.  A quick Google search led us to a Wiki about Wiki software, which in turn led us to a helpful review of some different stuff that’s out there.  Based on that information, I had to determine which software would be suitable for our needs. Thinking far ahead into the near future <insert mad chuckle here> we are assuming that our Quest for Informational Enlightenment will result in a large amount of knowledge being gained.  Cue the asses.

Second assumption is that we will need lots of storage space for such an endeavor.  However, this may be totally unfounded as there are yet some things to consider.  Will we be using graphics? Video? Sound? Extravagant flash demonstrations and the like?  Plain text is minuscule by comparison and thus I would not need several metric tonnes of storage.

Third assumption is that I will need a plethora of SQL ERKs and subdomains.  In layman’s terms this means rooms to store my crap.

There are many hosting options out there.  We shall address hosting when the time of fording expense laden rivers is upon us.

To sum up this post, organization equals good and caffeine deprived blogging equals bad.  Look forward to my next post “Grim’s Guide to storing information and half baked ideas 2” when we visit the half bakery and indulge on the premise of progress.

Happy reading



~ by grimsguide on November 23, 2008.

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