Lets begin

In the beginning there was pixels.  Then we added some color, and now we have colored pixels.  Though I suppose some would debate that black is not a color.  That it is the absence of light which of course is all colors.  Either way, here I am writing a blog about my research…. er…. i mean quest for informational enlightenment.  That’s right informational enlightenment, for as we all know research lacks personality and lacking personality is a poor way to attract readers.  So, let the informational enlightenment begin and the personality flow.

Usually this is where I hit a stumbling block.  I am no professional writer.  I have no formal education in writing styles and as a matter of fact, I failed miserably at english in highschool.   I have taken a five minute break ( since my last sentence ) to look up blog writing advice.  The most profound advice I could find was “write about what you know”  As the primary theme of this blog is about learning about things we don’t know, we ran into the inevitable ” talk about yourself ” wall.  Seems fitting as you have ( at this point ) no idea who I am, what i’m about and if i’m worth listening too.  I will let readers decide what they want to know and go from there.

That being said, this is how the blog is going to work.  I will write about stuff.  Using any and every resource, I will piece together the in’s and out’s of anything we choose to explore.  Now, some have said to me already that this idea is kinda silly considering google, wikipedia and any number of data bases already have this covered.  Yes they do, and maybe I am silly.  However, i’ve noticed that google and friends arn’t very personable.  The cold hard facts as we know them are just that, cold hard facts.  I hope to bring the personality, the first hand experience and maybe find the Zenn, of each and everything we do.

So, interact with me and together we will learn some stuff.  I hope to hear from ya soon and until then, keep learning.



~ by grimsguide on November 22, 2008.

One Response to “Lets begin”

  1. If I may offer a first topic, something that I myself would love to explore, and learn more about.

    I will simply put forth three characters “L H C”.

    I eagerly await your response.

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